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May 31, 2015 by Brian Williams Ph.D.

iChange Nations™and the new 2015 Community Ambassadors, Great job Northern California.

iChange Nations™and the new 2015 Community Ambassadors, Great job Northern California.

“At the heart of change is a pearl of greatness that abides within every human being upon the earth. Without this greatness being revealed we as a world suffer loss.”

iChange Nations™ has set out to create a culture of honor that begins at the heart of community. By honoring individuals that are living in such a fashion that those around them are benefiting; we are able to establish an honor system that changes the way we live, work and associate with one another. This honor system award is called the “Community Ambassador.” We are honoring the leaders in their communities and we are seeing change in these community. It is like dropping recognition and goodness into our societies and everything is enhanced as a result.  The very nature of this philosophy of honor multiplies and creates change.

“The Community Ambassadorship is the key to changing our world one small part at a time. We challenge the world to be looking at this new way to empower every citizen through this philosophy and learn to live the Golden Rule, ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated’. Empower your communities through honor and the opportunity to become a Community Ambassador,” say Ambassador Rivers.

iChange Nations™ is a professional institution that equips, mentors and trains highly esteemed individuals who have the desire to change nations throughout the world. The Human Rights Global Congress has been established by iChange Nations to recognize that all mankind is created equal and valuable to the world. Human Rights Global Congress is dedicated to honoring the potential in people and bringing the culture of honor into countries, states and communities across the globe.

Article written & edited by: Dr. Donni Pitz


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