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September 30, 2014 by Brian Williams Ph.D.

Ambassador Mussie Hailu Patron for iChange Nations™

Ambassador Mussie Hailu Patron for iChange Nations™

Dr. Clyde Rives, President of iChange Nations™ has officially asked Ambassador Mussie Hailu to be the Patron for iChange Nations™.  Professor Clyde Rivers said, “I am proud to announce that Ambassador Mussie Hailu has accepted this prestigious position. I have traveled the world extensively and I can honestly say Ambassador Hailu is one of the great men of the World. He has established peace and the peace process in many Nations. and we are truly honored to have this top philanthropist as our leading overseer. We are sure with great leadership iChange Nations™ will make a positive difference globally.”

The mission of iChange Nations™ is to bring back the lost art of honor by building a culture that recognizes individuals throughout the world. Individuals who have accomplished extraordinary humanitarian efforts to effectively change nations. iChange Nations™, with its collaborative partners have implemented an International Honorary Award infrastructure to empower and equip our citizens and alumni members with the tools needed to effectively pursue and transform the world.


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